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Guided Wild Food Walk

Early Autumn Forage near Edinburgh

Learn MoreSep 01, 2019

Beer Launch - Cross Borders / Cloisters / Hipsters and Hobos

Join us at Cloisters from 5 to sample the delicious autumnal beer created by the folks from the pub, wonderful Cross Borders Brewing and myself. Come along and discover the process behind this tropical tasting ale - as well as having a taste that is!

Sep 01, 2019

Raw Soda Workshop @ the Tasting Place

Join me in a hidden underground vault under Edinburgh's high street to learn how to make things bubble. We'll have a go of creating raw sodas using foraged ingredients and taste the possibilities.

Sep 06, 2019

Foraging Fortnight: Lanark

As part of the foraging fortnight I bring you truely special walk. Stroll with me through the ancient woodland that is Cleghorn Glen, under the giant oaks and along the river. Discover the flora of this SSSI woodland.

Sep 07, 2019

Fungi Forage: Livingston

Autumn is all about fungi! Join me at prime mushrooms season for an introduction to the wonderful world of fungi

Sep 08, 2019

Wild Food Festival

Come and join me at Scotland's first (and only) foraging festival! I'll be leading a session on wild and foraged beers. Sit down with me and find out what wild botanicals can add to your brew. This is a free to attend event once you are inside the festival - plus there are plenty more activities throughout the day!

Sep 14, 2019

The Puffer: Week 5

I'll be cooking the final cruise of the year, travelling from Inverness to Fort William. Follow the journey on social media.

Sep 14, 2019

Fungi Foraging: Livingston

Wild fungi and mushroom walk in Livingston. A great way to discover how to identify edible (and inedible!) wild mushrooms.

Sep 22, 2019

Mushrooms in the Morning

If the early bird catches the worm, the forager catches the mushroom just before the worm does... possibly. Join me at the crack of dawn (9.30) for a morning wander in the woods.

Sep 28, 2019