Individual Foraging Walk - Almond Park

Back to nature special! Explore your local environment in a new way, discovering the edible plants and fungi that grow along the banks of the Almond. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about foraging in a way that suits you with a private workshop, designed to help connect people with their environment post-lockdown. Runs until 25th Sept. Please do not book for after this date, thanks.

  • Category: Individual Household Foraging Walks
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Livingston, UK (Map)
  • More Info: Almond Park, Livingston

Price:£50 £45



Ambling through trees and alongside the water we will explore how to make wild food a staple and the benefits of doing so - from the nutritional to the cultural and philosophical. 

Throughout the afternoon gather the basic skills required to identify common edibles as well as how to avoid poisonous & inedible lookalikes. We will look at the wild plants, fruits, seeds and fungi that August has to offer.

Walks last approximately 2 hours and are suitable for all mobilities. Children of all ages welcome. Please bring suitable footwear. Parking is available. Please note there are no toilets in this location. Discount applied for an individual participant

Different days use different locations in the area, please check before booking.